Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

With the statistics suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have some form of hearing loss, it’s a reality that millions of us have to face.

However, the reason that millions of us are continuing to live with an untreated hearing loss is that it’s very difficult to self-diagnose.

Due to its slow and gradual decline, it’s often impossible to notice any marginal difference on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, meaning that the first people to notice are often our loved ones and friends.

If you believe that you may be experiencing signs of hearing loss, your family have encouraged you to have your hearing checked, or you’re concerned about a loved one’s hearing, then your first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment.

Our hearing assessments are the best way to know whether or not you have a type of hearing loss, and if so, what you can do to stop it from deteriorating; because, just like anything in life, the sooner you get to the root of it, the sooner it can be fixed.

These non-intrusive tests are quick, painless, and designed to give you the most accurate overview of your hearing health in real time.

Upon completion, we will then be able to share the results with you and if a hearing loss is discovered, we can then help you to make the right decisions based on your unique circumstances in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Schedule a Hearing Assessment


The Walkthrough of a Hearing Assessment

Relax in a Comfortable Waiting Room (with Snacks)

As you walk through our office door, you’ll be greeted in the waiting room where we’ll make you feel comfortable, you can get yourself some chilled water, and choose from a variety of “hearing healthy” snacks.

Complete Some Basic Paperwork

Prior to your hearing assessment, it’s important that we understand you, your history, and any medical conditions (whether your own or any in your family). This allows us to have all the relevant information for your hearing assessment.

You’ll Be Greeted By Your Audiologist

One of our smiling audiologists will call your name and welcome you to a private room where we’ll have a quick chat to discuss any answers in your paperwork and understand the reasons that you have visited us.

We’ll Take a Look In Your Ears

We will then take a quick look in both of your ears using an otoscope. This allows us to see if there’s anything that’s visibly blocking your ear and allows us to ensure that everything looks healthy. In some cases, patients have come to us with concerns about hearing loss and we have discovered that it was a build-up of earwax or even things like fluff sat in their ear canal.

You’ll Enter The Sound Booth

We’ll walk you into the sound booth, which is a sound-proofed box to comprehensively test your hearing. You will wear a pair of headphones and we’ll play different sounds at different frequencies. All you have to do is press the button in front of you when you hear a sound. This allows us to test what you can hear and what you can’t hear.

We’ll Discuss Your Results

We’ll then be able to use an audiogram to plot out your results to determine where your level of hearing sits. If no hearing loss is found, you can be rest assured and we’ll thank you for visiting us. If a hearing loss is found, we can then share some of the options available to you and offer our professional advice and recommendations on the best steps forward.

Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to book an appointment, then simply complete the form on this page.

At their earliest convenience, one of our audiologists will contact you to arrange a mutually beneficial day and time.