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Hearing Aid Repairs

Audiologist repairing hearing aids

Offering Hearing Aid Repairs for All Manufacturers and Models to People in The Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, and Pasco

While hearing aids can bring the world to life, they are not infallible. These tiny pieces of technology can occasionally stop working correctly, and we know this can be worrisome.

That’s why Sound Audiology is delighted to offer hearing aid repairs to people who need rapid assistance within our communities.

Our experts have years of experience, and they will ensure that your issue is dealt with swiftly.

If you just require a little extra support, you can arrange a friendly chat with one of our team via the telehealth service, Sound Hearing Cloud.

But if you have a more significant issue, our team will be happy to assist you via our in-office repair service.

Here, they can diagnose and mend devices quickly. And if they find a problem that requires further expertise, they can coordinate with your manufacturer to get you the right solution.

If you require any help or have any questions, then either call one of our offices or complete the form on this page.

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How Can We Help?

Audiologist repairing hearing aids
Audiologist repairing hearing aids

The Repair Service

Whenever you recognize a problem with your hearing aids, you’ll want to find someone who you can trust to fix the issue.

The experts at Sound Audiology, with their advanced training, understand all the common problems that people with hearing aids often encounter.

This means that they can be there for you when it really matters.

Additionally, if they recognize that your hearing aids will need the attention of your manufacturer, they can make the necessary calls to find the best possible solution.

The instruments will be sent either via Federal Express or UPS, so that you can get them back as soon as possible.

Sound Audiology curbside service helping patients during this covid-19 crisis

The Loaner Service

There’s an extra benefit of bringing your devices to Sound Audiology for repairs – that we can offer you a loaner pair of devices while you wait.

This means that if your devices need more extensive repairs, you’ll never be left without access to the sounds that you’re used to hearing.

We stock devices from all the major manufacturers, and we’ll work especially hard to get you a pair that are as close to your original devices as possible.

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The Home Repair Service

We know your time is precious, and when something goes wrong, you need fast, effective support that you can rely on.

That’s why our Home Support Service is a fantastic option if you have a minor concern or problem that you need an expert to address.

Our team looks forward to giving you expert insights whenever you need them!

It is always worth checking to see whether your hearing aid can be fixed at home, take a look at our troubleshooting guide which takes a look at the most common issues and how you can fix them.

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