Whether you find conversing with family and friends difficult or noisy environments challenging, today’s hearing aids are small yet powerful devices that can help your hearing return to its former glory.

Joshua, one of our lovely patients, explains how his new Bluetooth compatible hearing aids improved the quality of his life.

He says, “Lori was able to adjust the settings on my hearing aids to help me hear more comfortably in louder settings (like a restaurant or at a baseball game) by canceling out unwanted background chatter.”

I noticed these changes immediately when my family went out to eat at a very noisy restaurant and I was able to understand everything they were saying without any background interference from other patrons.

“It felt incredible to be able to hear!”

Hearing technology is also helping folks when relaxing in the comfort of their own homes. A TV streamer is just one more example of how life is made so much easier for our patients.

What is a TV Streamer?

If you enjoy family movie night but dread the usual TV volume arguments, the good news is that you need not worry anymore.  A TV streamer offers an easy solution.

It allows you to set the volume to your preference and sends the TV’s audio output directly to your hearing aids for a clear and comfortable listening experience, while the rest of the family enjoys the movie at a volume level that’s ideal for them.

All major manufacturers – from Widex to ReSound – offer TV streamers. To take advantage of this handy feature, just give us a contact us today!

How Hearing Treatment Can Prevent Dementia

According to twenty-eight leading experts, cases of dementia in America could be reduced by 40 percent if the general public addresses 12 key risk factors.

Protecting ears in high stress environments and seeking treatment at the first signs of hearing loss rank high on their list of measures people should take. 

Studies show that your hearing is crucial in how your brain processes information.

Therefore, researchers believe that hearing loss prevents your brain from functioning perfectly, reducing your overall cognitive capacity. 

Social isolation, often a side effect of untreated hearing loss, may add to this problem.

If you know someone who has a concern, contact the team about a comprehensive hearing assessment – the best way to diagnose an issue. 

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