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  • Greg Deer Avatar
    Greg Deer

    They were able to be open during regular business hours, unlike the seemingly much larger business I had been using. They had what I needed,demonstrating a " can do" attitude. Lori is very personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Connor Stone Avatar
    Connor Stone

    This clinic is fantastic. I went in for impressions to make custom earphones and the service was spectacular. My doctor was not finished until she was satisfied that they were done right and made several attempts to make it happen. The price was right too!

  • Patti C. Miller Avatar
    Patti C. Miller
    positive review 

    They explain everything in detail. The customer service is amazing!

  • Melissa Reasoner Avatar
    Melissa Reasoner
    positive review 

    they were able to get me in, get me fitted with new hearing aids, and will be able to continue to help me when I am out of area. thank you so much!

  • Gerald Ward Avatar
    Gerald Ward

    Great team, excellent service. I live a long distance and they were highly flexible in scheduling my appointments. If you want quality sound, go with Sound Audiology.

  • Mike Shear Avatar
    Mike Shear

    Dr. Jacky is as clinical and knowledgeable of a Doctor as you’ll find... Not just the Tri-Cities/Walla Walla area, but one of the very best Audiologists in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Surviving with Christina Marshall Avatar
    Surviving with Christina Marshall

    Very nice place and staff

  • Joshua Smith Avatar
    Joshua Smith

    Dr. Losey Lovato has been nothing but a blessing to me in my search for a pair of hearing aids that fit my lifestyle. I came to SOUND Audiology and Hearing Aids at the beginning of the year to look for a new pair of hearing aids since It was time for an upgrade (my last pair was purchased in 2005!) Lori set me up with a new pair of ReSound hearing aids, a pair of hearing aids that have the ability to connect to my cell phone via Bluetooth. I have been completely blown away by how this pair of hearing aids have dramatically increased the quality of my life, and even more so how they have presented new opportunities for me!

    Dr. Lovato's expertise on different brands of hearing aids (such as the pros and cons, software type, lifestyle, fit) is, in my opinion, very valuable. Lori was able to adjust the settings on my hearing aids to help me hear more comfortably in louder settings (like a restaurant or at a baseball game) by cancelling out unwanted background chatter. I noticed these changes immediately when my family went out to eat at a very noisy restaurant and I was able to understand everything they were saying without any background interference from other patrons. It felt incredible to be able to hear! I confidently recommend friends and family to Lori as she always knows what will be the most beneficial for different people's lifestyles.

    The relationships that I have made at SOUND Audiology and Hearing aids are absolutely wonderful; the staff is lovely and the service is exceptional. I have never had any issues scheduling any appointments or getting in contact with them. It is always a pleasure knowing that I am in the presence of friends when I get my check-ups.

    I can't express how blessed I am to have Dr. Lori Losey Lovato as my audiologist, and I encourage everyone who needs hearing aids or even a hearing test to take your "journey to hearing well" with her at SOUND Audiology and Hearing Aids. I am so thankful we have such a wonderful audiologist in the Tri Cities!

  • Tom Johns Avatar
    Tom Johns

    I suggest Sound Audiology & Hearing Aids in Walla Walla for all your hearing aid needs. The owner Lori Lovato treats you as if she has known you for years. Even if it is your first time in their office. She listens to your needs and offers solutions. She makes sure the product she sells you performs the way you need it to. Her office manager Edy does a terrific job. She calls you a day or two ahead of your appointment to remind you. I can't say enough good about the way I was treated. I'll be back again.

  • Cecilia Davidson Avatar
    Cecilia Davidson

    Kevin the audiologist was professional and listened to me regarding my hearing loss, and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend him to everyone! Sincere thanks