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  • Melissa Reasoner Avatar
    Melissa Reasoner
    positive review 

    they were able to get me in, get me fitted with new hearing aids, and will be able to continue to help me when I am out of area. thank you so much!

  • Sean Dorman Avatar
    Sean Dorman

    I like dealing with them they are always courteous and professional, even in the most uncomfortable situations. Would I recommend them? Yes highly.

  • Gerald Ward Avatar
    Gerald Ward

    Great team, excellent service. I live a long distance and they were highly flexible in scheduling my appointments. If you want quality sound, go with Sound Audiology.

  • Mike Shear Avatar
    Mike Shear

    Dr. Jacky is as clinical and knowledgeable of a Doctor as you’ll find... Not just the Tri-Cities/Walla Walla area, but one of the very best Audiologists in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Spencer Greer Avatar
    Spencer Greer

    I had such a great experience! The office was so beautiful and calming, and Lori knew exactly what I needed (even though I only gave her my best guess of what I wanted). She is so knowledgeable, and I felt so positive every time I went. The staff is very friendly, the prices are very fair, and Lori is an extremely trustworthy expert. I couldn’t recommend them more highly! My sincere thanks to Sound Audiology for a great product that will really improve my quality of life for the next several years.

  • Bob Bonstead Avatar
    Bob Bonstead

    Great new Audiology facility in downtown Walla Walla. On Main Street near the Wine Thief and the Public House. I'm a client and really appreciate the Staff. Good prices and services for hearing aids, batteries, and accessories.

  • Randy Valimont Avatar
    Randy Valimont

    Very professional, helpful, and friendly.
    Was having issues with hearing aids.
    The volume wouldn't work.
    Out of warranty.
    Not making the parts anymore.
    I paid $3k for these 6 years ago and now I can't get them fixed? a new pair? "I don't think so, Tim."

    First SA kept them overnight to see what the problem was and figured out the problem.

    Sound Audiology called the manufacturer (who I was told - doesn't do repairs inn sets this old. Not true. SA got me squared away for a very reasonable fee.

    The place I bought them from and a different audiology business told me there was nothing they could do. Of course not, you're too

    Go to Sound Audiology. They know what's up!

    Got back my hearing aids in about 9 days. I was told and was expecting about 2 weeks.
    At $300 per device I told them to just fix the one that adjusts the volume UP.
    There was some sort of misunderstanding, because both devices got repaired like new and SA only charged me for one. 5 stars!

  • Connor Stone Avatar
    Connor Stone

    This clinic is fantastic. I went in for impressions to make custom earphones and the service was spectacular. My doctor was not finished until she was satisfied that they were done right and made several attempts to make it happen. The price was right too!

  • Greg Deer Avatar
    Greg Deer

    They were able to be open during regular business hours, unlike the seemingly much larger business I had been using. They had what I needed,demonstrating a " can do" attitude. Lori is very personable, knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Lisa Clemons Morrow Avatar
    Lisa Clemons Morrow

    I LOVE Lori! I've been seeing her for more than 8 years and followed her to her own office! My husband loves her, too. We recommend Sound Audiology to all of our friends and co-workers.
    Sharon, in the front office, is great, too!