Li’l Firehouse Coffee serves up creative coffees to Kennewick locals, but there’s more to this tale than just beans and bagels…

The owner is a hero of mythical proportions, professionally fighting fire with one hand and repelling fatigue with the other.

Their location on Clearwater Ave lives up to the firehouse name.

The conveniently roadside building looks exactly like a small fire station. With the heritage firehouse design and classic shade of red, how could anybody resist going inside?

With Li’l Firehouse Coffee, we have a local business that supports its community in more than one way. Not only is their coffee delicious (and far cheaper than Starbucks), the owner is one of the local Hanford firefighters.

Li’l Firehouse Coffee teamed up with Support, Advocacy & Resource Center to help ‌victims of human trafficking. The proceeds from some of their tasty drinks go directly to SARC, but charity is only one way Li’l Firehouse gives back.

Instead of going to an expensive franchise where customer satisfaction is secondary and profit is a priority, use locally owned establishments instead.

Most of the menu at Li’l Firehouse Coffee is far more affordable than at franchise cafes.

Coffee at Li’l Firehouse

Good Coffee and Great People (Plus an Easy Drive-Thru)

Li’l Firehouse Coffee didn’t forget the classics like Americano, drip, frappes, and tea, but the Station Favorites are adventurous.

For those of us who aren’t satisfied with simply eating sweet things, the KFD is a salted caramel mocha named after the Kennewick Fire Department. For their Richland location, the same drink is called the RFD.

If your mouth isn’t watering at this point, I’m surprised.

The location and menu are ideal for locals on the go. Anyone passing down West Clearwater Ave is en route to a competitive meal replacement smoothie.

I recommend the Oatmeal Cookie! The blended oats, peanut butter, honey, yogurt, and protein perfectly balance taste and health. They also offer milk alternatives, extra protein, and even extra peanut butter.

Well played, Li’l Firehouse—more peanut butter is difficult to refuse.

First Responders Get a Discount at Li’l Firehouse Coffee

There’s a high chance that every first responder in the area already knows about Li’l Firehouse Coffee.

For first responders who haven’t been yet, make sure to mention your line of work to the staff for a discount.

They appreciate the valuable work first responders do, as do we.

Several of the menu items are first-responder references. For example, there’s the Stop Drop and Roll Smoothies, Extinguisher and On Call energy drinks, and Boston’s Bravest white chocolate & Irish cream.

There’s also a kid’s menu called JR Firefighters.

This is why local businesses are the best.

Could we ever expect this kind of flair from a nationwide franchise? Would a massive chain of cafes offer a drink called the 1st Alarm Mojito or the raspberry delight On Call? Would they price it lower than other businesses? That’s a question that doesn’t need answering.

Here’s How You Find Li’l Firehouse Coffee

Li’l Firehouse Coffee is on West Clearwater Ave, which is a main road between South Ely Street and I-82. If you regularly travel down the I-82 or WA-240 highways, then this could be your new coffee shop.

It’s a modern world and this is a modern business, so of course they have Facebook and Instagram.

3708 W Clearwater Ave
Kennewick, WA 99336, United States

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 5:00 am – 7:00 pm
Weekends 6:00 am – 7:00 pm

Want to speak with Li’l Firehouse Coffee directly? Call +1 509-396-7887

If another locally owned business reminds you of Li’l Firehouse Coffee and positively affects the community, we want to hear from you. Give us a call at +1 509-572-2444

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