The struggle with hearing loss is not limited to difficulties in following conversations or listening to your favorite music.

While those are both massive struggles in and of themselves, a wealth of scientifically reviewed studies have suggested a direct correlation between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline, presenting a far-reaching impact on overall health.

Examining the Groundbreaking Research

In December 2022, an extensively researched study published in JAMA Neurology shed light on the relationship between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline.

This study, including 31 sub-studies and involving 137,484 participants, stood out as the most in-depth research to date on this subject.

It spanned geographical regions such as Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia, and it covered a range of durations, from two to 25 years.


Key Discoveries: The Power of Hearing Aids

The study reveals two critical insights underscoring the vital role of hearing aids in combating cognitive decline.

Firstly, the use of hearing aids was associated with a 19 percent reduction in long-term cognitive decline. Dr. Benjamin Tan, the senior study author, emphasized this point, saying,

Dementia is far easier to prevent than treat, and exceedingly difficult to reverse.

Secondly, the research found that even those already exhibiting signs of mild cognitive impairment saw benefits from the use of hearing aids, experiencing a 20 percent lower risk of advancing to dementia.

cognitive decline

The data suggest that it is never too late to begin using hearing aids, and early treatment can help to maintain cognitive functioning.

In this meta-analysis, the usage of hearing aids and cochlear implants is associated with a decreased risk of subsequent cognitive decline; physicians should strongly encourage their patients with hearing loss to adopt such devices. – A key takeaway from the study

Key Observations: The Importance of Hearing Health

The comprehensive research underscores the importance of regular hearing tests. While many diligently keep up with dental checkups, eye tests, and annual physicals, hearing health often does not receive the same priority, despite the potential serious implications of untreated hearing loss.

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Cognitive Health
With untreated hearing loss potentially worsening over time, it’s crucial to act promptly.

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