What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

Hearing loss is a condition that worsens over time. Typically, you won’t realise you have an issue until you’ve visited an audiologist for a full check-up.

But there are important tell-tale signs that may reveal whether your own or someone else’s hearing is starting to decline.

The sooner an audiologist diagnoses a person’s hearing loss, the quicker they can manage the problem with a range of life-changing treatments. With that in mind, here are some of the first signs of hearing loss.

Trouble Following Conversations

Our patients often report they feel like they are hearing conversations but almost feels like they are happening around them, they cannot necessarily understand what is being said.  It may feel as though people are mumbling and not speaking clearly enough.  If you find yourself in this situation or suspect your loved one may be struggling, an appointment with an audiologist would be highly beneficial as it can be incredibly isolating and upsetting for people struggling to join in with conversations.

Trouble With Background Noise

Another common sign someone is experiencing hearing loss is when they struggle to isolate an individual speaker’s voice in a crowd.

Perhaps you’ve gone out for dinner in a lively restaurant, and you’re finding it difficult to hold discussions with a waiter or partner.

Or maybe you’re at a tense football game, and it’s not easy to chat with a friend while others debate the match around you.

When you or someone else isn’t able to interact as they would like in these situations, it might be time to book an appointment with and audiologist.

Understanding Different Accents

Another sign that someone is undergoing hearing loss is that they struggle to understand people with different accents.

If a friend is visiting from overseas, you may find it difficult to comprehend their use of language, unless they talk slowly.

When watching television, it might also be increasingly tough to decipher a foreign actor’s English vocabulary.

This may seem a strange way to check if you or someone else has a hearing problem, but it’s often a useful trick for working out whether it’s time to see your audiologist.

Frequently Turning Up the Television or Radio

Perhaps other family members point out the volume is really loud but to you it still seems quiet?  Do you find yourself having to adjust the TV or radio to increasingly loud volumes?  This is a very common sign that you may have a hearing loss.

What Should I Do?

If you recognize hearing loss symptoms in the various scenarios we’ve listed, you should ask your primary care physician to refer you to Sound Audiology for a consultation.

Our audiologists perform a full range of tests to find the cause of your hearing issue. These allow them to recommend the best course of treatment for your individual situation.

It can be distressing when you or someone you know is struggling to interact with those in the world around them.

But Sound Audiology can offer expert assistance to ensure everyone finds transformative solutions that improve their life experience.

Do you feel it’s the right time to see an audiologist or know someone else who might? Click here to schedule an appointment at one of our Kennewick, Walla Walla or Pasco locations today!

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