It’s never an easy topic to broach: how can I tell a family member that they probably need to book an appointment with an audiologist?

Though it affects 48 million people in the US, hearing loss is a condition that many people feel embarrassed or sensitive about discussing, especially among those they keep close.

For these occasions, Sound Audiology has some useful tips for striking the right tone, so your loved ones get the life-changing treatment they deserve.

A Caring Approach

When you feel it’s the right time to talk to someone about their hearing loss, it’s important to let them know this is because you care about them.

Those suffering from hearing loss engage less with the world around them, and it can be troubling to see how this affects them socially.

At a family gathering, for example, you might notice they struggle to talk with others around the dinner table or hold conversations while music plays in the background.

In discussing their hearing loss, you should focus on the transformative affect modern treatments can offer, so they can once again feel like a valued member of their family or community.

Links to Health Issues

While there isn’t a definitive cause between hearing loss and dementia-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, audiologists believe there is a clear association between the two conditions.

People with hearing loss spend less time exercising their brain through consistent verbal interaction, and it’s believed this may result in cognitive decline as a consequence.

When you talk with a loved one about their problems, it’s important to stress how if left untreated, hearing loss might soon affect other aspects of their wellbeing.

If you can have this frank, direct discussion, it’s more likely they’ll see their problems as important enough to warrant a consultation with an audiologist.

Community-Centered Service

With 23 years of combined experience, Sound Audiology has offered warm, compassionate consultation services to all those who seek treatment for hearing problems.

Our doctors are lifelong members of the communities where we’re  located and have strong relationships with the patients we see, year after year.

Those suffering hearing loss can often feel daunted about the experience they’ll receive when first going to visit their audiologist.

But you can let them know that Sound Audiology truly cares about its patients and is ready to offer them the best treatment solutions of any provider in the state.

Is someone you love suffering from hearing loss? Click here to schedule an appointment at one of our Richland, Walla Walla or Pasco locations today!

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Whitney Jacky Au.D., Audiologist

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