Are There Medical Insurance Benefits for Hearing Aids?

Are There Medical Insurance Benefits for Hearing Aids?

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Insurance, Patient Resources

Hearing loss contributes to a lower quality of life and reduced independence. However, hearing aids go a long way toward restoring or enhancing your normal lifestyle. In spite of the fact that they are costly, they are a valuable investment and I strongly encourage my clients to take advantage of the assistance they provide. I have put together this guide to help with determining whether you have insurance coverage for your hearing aids along with how to go about getting the assistance you need as evidence of my commitment to the value of hearing aids.

Prepare the Right Questions

Speaking to an insurance agent or the customer care representative of an insurance provider about hearing aid coverage can be intimidating. With the right questions in mind before making the call, you will be more comfortable and increase your chances of receiving straight answers. The questions you should prepare include:

  • What is covered? Different policies include both testing and instruments while others allow assistance for testing, but not for assistive instruments (basic Medicare coverage).
  • Who qualifies as your hearing aids provider? HMO and PPO plans often limit qualified hearing aid providers to those in their network. Going outside the network can nullify or reduce the amount of assistance you will receive.
  • How do they bill? In some cases, insurance companies accept direct billing from the hearing aid provider, but in other cases you will have to pay the cost for the equipment upfront before receiving reimbursement.
  • What are the restrictions and limitations of coverage? Financial limits for each hearing aid, qualifications for various levels of hearing loss, or penalties for using a provider outside the company’s network are common restrictions and limitations you might encounter.

Contact Your Provider

With your questions ready, contact your provider. Keep in mind that hearing care coverage mandates vary from state to state. Consequently, your basic insurance plan may or may not include hearing aids and hearing care benefits. Variations in coverage from riders or addendums, which you might have included in your policy, could provide the assistance you need if they are not a part of your basic policy. Your insurance provider will have the information you need in order to determine the level of benefit you can expect to receive.

Talk to Us

If carrying on a phone conversation with your insurance provider is more than you think you can handle due to hearing loss or other reasons for discomfort, you can always talk to my team and me. Because we are passionate about helping you get the help you need from hearing aids, the

Sound Audiology and Hearing Aids team is here to help. We have the expertise and experience of dealing with insurance companies, know the right questions to ask, and are eager to help.

What If Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Covered by Your Insurance?

Learning that your insurance does not cover hearing aids is frustrating, but it does not mean that no assistance is available to help share their cost. Organizations in your local area, your state, or on a nationwide level are usually available to provide financial assistance. Your hearing aid provider should be up-to-date with contact information for these organizations.

Hearing aids are an essential part of achieving greater independence and a higher quality of life. Because we are committed to making sure that you have access to the help you need from hearing aids, the Sound Audiology and Hearing Aids team and I are available to provide our Pasco, WA clients with the information you need concerning the coverage of costs for your hearing aids.

Contact me to learn more about the level of coverage for hearing aids you can expect from your insurance company. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with Sound Audiology and Hearing Aids to discuss the insurance and financial options available by calling the Tri-Cities location nearest you.

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