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What Happens at a Hearing Test?

What Happens at a Hearing Test?

We know what happens when we get our eyes tested by an optician. But what happens during a hearing appointment with an audiologist? At Sound Audiology, our dedicated doctors take steps to ensure we can identify your hearing issue and find the best treatment solution....

Tinnitus: What Is That Ringing in My Ears?

Tinnitus: What Is That Ringing in My Ears?

It can be so refreshing to spend the weekends outdoors, but your enjoyment of our beautiful state of Washington might be disrupted by a persistent sound in your ear(s) or in your head. Tinnitus is a condition that makes you hear a ringing, whistling, buzzing or...


Complimentary guide written by Audiologist, Lori Losey Lovato, shares the ways to support a loved one with a hearing loss and encourage them to address their hearing challenges.

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