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Does Regence Cover Hearing Aids in WA?

Does Regence Cover Hearing Aids in WA?

Those who seek help for their hearing challenges typically experience greater self-confidence, more rewarding relationships, and an improved quality of life. However, National Institute of Health statistics indicates that out of the 48 million Americans with a hearing...

What Are the Early Signs of Hearing Loss?

What Are the Early Signs of Hearing Loss?

Believe it or not, hearing loss can occur at any age, and it’s quite common in the US, so don’t be surprised if you or a loved one is starting to experience some of the signs listed farther down this page. The WHO estimates that at least 2.5 billion people will have...


Complimentary guide written by Audiologist, Lori Losey Lovato, shares the ways to support a loved one with a hearing loss and encourage them to address their hearing challenges.

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