Leon Prather

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Born in Denver, Colorado, Leon’s family moved to the Tri-Cities when he was two years old. In 1995, Leon graduated from Kamiakin High School and went on to work within the community he long considered home.

After working for Costco Pharmacy for 13 years, Leon felt it was time for a change. A position had opened up for a hearing instrument specialist, and it piqued his interest enough to find out more about the profession from others in the field.

Following his research, Leon knew what he had to do. He decided to enroll at Spokane Falls Community College where he thrived in his studies and became a licensed hearing instrument specialist.

At Sound Audiology, Leon finds himself wearing many hats. His daily responsibilities include performing hearing tests, fitting hearing aids, and counseling patients and family members on hearing loss and hearing aids.

Leon truly loves making his patients’ lives better and is pleased he found the rewarding career he was searching for. He finds it amazing how improving one’s hearing can open that person’s world, and he says seeing the positive change in people is a great feeling for everyone involved.

When he’s not working, Leon and his wife are outdoor enthusiasts. They love taking their boxer dog for walks and hikes in the park or up Badger Mountain along with mountain biking in various places. Their weekends are often spent camping and taking the side by side through the mountain trails and enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature. Visiting the beach and attending concerts are a few of their favorite non-mountain activities.

Leon Prather, Hearing Instrument Specialist at Sound Audiology

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