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At Sound Audiology, we understand that hearing loss is not a sign of weakness; rather, it’s an indication that you’ve lived a life filled with amazing experiences that have gradually taken a toll on your hearing. Our methodical approach to healthy hearing ensures that you, and others in Pasco and the surrounding Tri-Cities communities, have access to advanced treatment techniques and technology, enabling you to maintain the active, independent lifestyle you cherish.

Our trusted audiologists have earned the confidence of patients, physicians, and organizations in Pasco, Richland, and Walla Walla, WA by providing personalized hearing care tailored to address your specific hearing challenges. We are dedicated to raising awareness for healthy hearing, educating our community on hearing loss prevention, and helping individuals recognize the early signs of hearing loss.

If you’re concerned about your hearing or that of a loved one, take the first step toward better hearing by scheduling an initial assessment at our Pasco, WA clinic.

Pasco, WA, a vibrant city nestled along the banks of the Columbia River, is one of the Tri-Cities in the southeastern part of Washington State. Founded in the early 20th century, Pasco quickly became a hub for transportation and agriculture, playing a crucial role in the region’s development. Today, the city is home to a diverse community and boasts a flourishing economy, with industries ranging from agriculture to technology and healthcare.

A variety of exciting events take place throughout the year in Pasco, such as the Fiery Foods Festival, the Sacajawea Bluegrass Festival, and the Cinco de Mayo celebration, attracting both residents and visitors alike. The city’s rich history, coupled with its dedication to progress and innovation, creates an environment in which people of all ages can thrive and lead active, fulfilling lives.

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Your Journey to Better Hearing Starts with a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

Online sites and big box retail stores have made it easier to have your hearing tested and purchase a hearing device without seeing a doctor of audiology.

However, trusting the internet or a retail employee to diagnose and treat your hearing challenges is as destructive to your hearing health as asking them to diagnose and treat any other medical condition. Purchasing and wearing the wrong hearing device that is not programmed properly can do a lot of damage to your hearing rather than helping it.

Rather than running the risk of doing further damage to your hearing, the critical first step on your journey to better hearing should be a comprehensive hearing assessment conducted by a qualified doctor of audiology. Besides providing a highly accurate diagnosis of the type and severity of your hearing loss, our audiologists use your hearing test to personalize the correct treatment solution to overcome your hearing challenges.

Learn more about how a comprehensive hearing assessment is an essential part of better hearing health.


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Hearing aids from ReSound


Find the Hearing Aid Technology to Address Your Unique Needs

Each person loses their hearing at a different pace and in a different way, which is why there is no “one size fits all” solution for achieving better hearing.

The hearing aid technology that will best address your hearing challenges has to be as unique as your hearing loss in order to provide the help you need. We partner with more than half a dozen brand name hearing aid manufacturers in order to offer our patients a wider variety of styles and levels of technology to help you choose the right device to meet your hearing needs and personal preferences.

The cutting-edge digital devices that we offer are smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the hearing aids you might remember your parents or grandparents wearing and come with features like background noise canceling, rechargeable batteries, smartphone connectivity, and more.

Find out more about the state-of-the-art hearing aid technology we have available and how our hearing aid specialists will help you choose the best one for you.



We Help Your Hearing Aids Perform as Designed

When an electronic device stops working, most of us toss them into the junk drawer in disgust. However, don’t give into that temptation if your hearing aid stops working or isn’t working the way it used to.

We understand the frustration, but your hearing aids are a significant financial investment and among the most valuable tools you have to help improve your quality of life and maintain your overall health. The benefits to communication, balance, cognitive health and other aspects of your mental and physical health make it worth your while to have them repaired.

Our hearing aid technicians have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide the right amount of TLC your device requires along with cleanings, adjustments, and advanced repairs.

Contact us for more information about our hearing aid repair service before you toss your damaged hearing aid into the junk drawer.


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