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With events canceled throughout the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla, this summer has turned into one long staycation in your very own backyard.

It’s a good time to embrace the quietness and give your ears the break they deserve. Besides, post-concert tinnitus isn’t postcard material anyway!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some celebrities are talking about their hearing loss publicly. Stars such as Halle Berry, Barbra Streisand, Rob Lowe, Robert Redford …
… And rocker Huey Lewis. Following years in the music business, Huey already had a hearing loss in his right ear.

But in 2018, he was left devastated following a Meniere’s disease diagnosis in his “good” left ear. The additional hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus made performing impossible and he had to cancel his tour.

In a recent NPR interview, he discusses the challenges he faced but adds, “I’m hoping to recover my hearing so we can get the band back together and play live.”

Celebrities aren’t the only ones addressing hearing loss publicly, though. Some manufacturers are creating products that shine the spotlight on hearing loss.

American Girl, for instance, has produced a doll that wears a hearing aid, highlighting the issue of children’s hearing loss.

Thanks to the publicity, hearing loss is no longer a taboo subject but a mainstream topic, inspiring people across the US to confront their own hearing issues and seek help.

Sharing is Caring

Our team works hard to ensure your hearing care is top-notch. For example, we recently introduced a curbside service to ensure your hearing needs are met – conveniently and safely.

But what really makes a difference is when someone who’s already received life-changing treatment decides to inspire others in their community.    

You should be proud of your own hearing care efforts, so why not share your journey with others? Honestly, your words of wisdom will be music to their ears!

Knowing the symptoms of hearing loss and early treatment can lead to a brighter future. A hearing assessment is all it takes to embark on the path to better hearing.

If you have hearing worries or know someone else who does, contact the team at Sound Audiology and Hearing Aids, and they’ll be ready to help!

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