No Student Should Go Unheard

Hearing Tests For Local Educators

When I was in high school, I watched my Mom follow her dreams of becoming a teacher…

I then watched as she became an elementary teacher, a middle school vice principal and an elementary principal over 20 years.

I saw the commitment, the sweat, the tears and all the unseen hours of hard work that go into educating others.

She became my inspiration and she taught me what commitment and hard work looks like.

But most of all, it gave me a huge appreciation for just how incredible teachers truly are.

These life lessons encouraged me to pursue my own passion, which was audiology.

I now have the joy of meeting people of all walks of life that are having challenges with their hearing and helping them to hear the life that they love.

But more recently, I have noticed that more and more local teachers are visiting us, and many have shared the same challenges:

  • Students are wearing face masks and it’s making it very difficult to understand them
  • Everybody is distanced, meaning that their hearing is working harder than ever
  • And with teaching relying on your ability to hear, their hearing challenges are slowly but surely impacting their ability to teach

With 1 in 8 of us having some form of hearing loss based on a recent study, it’s no surprise that many local educators are struggling to hear to the best of their ability.

With a huge admiration for teachers and a commitment to care for the hearing health of our local community, we are truly proud to be the Audiologists that educators turn to for their care.


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