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While 2020 has been a crazy year, some great things have happened, too. It has been a wonderful reminder of what and who is important to us. We have seen some amazing medical breakthroughs and there has been so much innovation from many industries. 

For example, big corporations started producing masks and ventilators.  Small businesses, such as Walla Walla’s 2nd Street Distillery and Goose Ridge Winery in The Tri-Cities, began producing much needed hand sanitizer.  And our favorite restaurants have become so clever in the way they serve us!  

Our own industry has been impressive as well. We have seen technology develop that gives audiologists the ability to adjust our patients’ hearing devices remotely.  At Sound, we have made some changes that we will likely keep into the future, like curbside appointments and our “Sound Hearing Cloud” telehealth appointments. 

For me, however, the best thing about 2020 is how it has shined a light on all of my blessings – a family I love like crazy, wonderful coworkers, and amazing patients! 

It’s been a pleasure to care for all of our patients this year, and everyone at Sound Audiology wishes you a wonderful holiday season and an amazing new year!


Updates from The Office

We will be decorating our clinics for the holidays. However, our clinics will be closed at 3 PM on December 23, and all day on December 24, 25, and January 1 during the holiday season. If you would like to schedule an appointment near this time, don’t delay getting in touch.

We are excited about gifting someone in our community with a set of hearing devices for the holidays. The winner will be announced shortly, so stay tuned!

I plan to stay home and celebrate the holidays with my family.  We are working on an idea for celebrating outside, but it will require lots of heaters!


Celebrating a December birthday is Whitney on December 1.

Happy Birthday, Whitney!

Thank you for everything you do. 

And finally, join us in congratulating Will who just passed his test to become licensed as a hearing instrument specialist! 

Happy birthday Whitney

Struggling for a Holiday Gift?

Spending time with loved ones is the best part of the holiday season. But we have some great gift options for those with a hearing loss that are bound to warm their hearts as well.

tv streamer

One of our favorite choices is a TV streamer.

This remarkable gadget will let your loved one receive TV audio directly through their hearing aids. 

To learn more about the TV streamer and our selection of hearing aid accessories, simply give us a call.

The team can offer you expert advice!

Who am I? 

It’s not an understatement to say that the Sound Audiology team is fond of holiday games. 

And one that we love is “Who am I,” where you have a set number of clues to guess the name of a famous person. 

So we decided to create our own (virtual) version of the game to play with you this year! We have prepared 5 clues below, and all you have to do is identify who the person is!

1) I was born December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington, but I spent much of my childhood on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, South Dakota.

2) I began hosting Truth or Consequences on December 31, 1956, and consider this my big break into television entertainment.

3) I have a black belt in karate and trained with none other than Chuck Norris for decades. 

4) From 1966 to 1988, I hosted the Miss USA/Universe pageants but stepped down when the people who ran the competitions refused to stop giving out fur coats as prizes.

5) In 2007, I retired from hosting the longest-running game show in TV history.

Who am I? Think you know the answer? Hit “reply” on this email and send us your guess!

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    Have a great December!

    The Team at Sound Audiology & Hearing Aids

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